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Crab Island



Who We Are

Local Fish and Local Fishermen were the lifeblood of our coastal communities. As a state surrounded by water on three sides, we breath the salt air daily and we look to our Seas for nourishment. Lost to world trade, are the old ways of local fishermen providing for their communities. 


Crab Island Seafood was born in Ormond Beach, then we expanded to the great community of Largo/Clearwater Florida, to get back to those old ways. To support local fishing families by purchasing their fish harvested from sustainable fisheries in Florida waters. To create premium products that have no chemicals or preservatives, that are bursting with flavor and that create lasting impressions for you and your guests. 

What We Do

We've created so many unique, flavorful menu items in the kitchens of our restaurants over the years. Now we solely produce the best, Smoked Fish Dips, and Crab Dips on the market. We push the boundaries of what is traditional and create some of the most unique flavor profiles in the industry. We only use the freshest products and don't add any additional chemicals or preservatives. 
One taste and you’ll be back for more.

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Why We Do

With a long line of Military and Service in our families, giving to those that have sacrificed, has always been in the forefront of our purpose. We offer employment and assistance to those that have served. A portion of every sale from this site, is donated to the Disabled American Veterans association in the name of  “The People of this Free Country, Say Thank You.’

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